Please take a look at this list.  There are still some members of the Class of 73 we have not been able to locate or contact.  If you know how to get in contact with or locate any of these people, please do so.  Encourage them to visit the website and sign the class mates list.    I am sure many of these folks are somewhere in the Kokomo area, but for some reason we are just not making contact with them.

Perhaps you are friends with one of them on Facebook, or maybe you have some other what to contact them.  However you do it,  if you know where one of these missing classmates is located, please encourage them to register as a Classmate on this site.  If you are a member of the Facebook group and see yourself listed here, then we do not have your current mailing address.  Please email or private message Jan Kellar with your correct mailing address.    Thanks
We need your help in finding these classmates:
Marc      Anderson
Joan       Andrews
Mickey  Becraft
Brenda  Beroney
Bob        Billiter
Jennifer Bitner
Nancy    Blackburn
Wayne  Aaron
Debbie  Bordner
Debbie Brinson
Scott      Burton
Sherry    Calvert
Mike      Carpenter
Ernie      Cassell
Kirk        Clark
Ramona               Crank
Steve     Crawley
Jeanne  Crowder
Bob        Curry
Sharon  Davis
Debbie  Dewitte
Jim         Dill
Sarah     Dillinger
Debbie  Dukes
Patsy     Dyke
Wes       Ellison
Connie  Fortune
Ruth       Fox
Regina   Frazier
Rochelle              Friedrich
Cindy     Glendenning
Maria    Granda
Steve     Hendry
Susan     Hunt
Cornell  Indrutz
Kari        Johnson
Darrell   Karnes
Sandy    Knicely
Susan     Ladow
Vicki       Lay  Williams
Frank     LeBlanc
Earl        Lee
David     Leep
Dave      Long
Homer   Lowder
Donna   Luckey
Kevin     Lynch
Jane       Marshall
Joe         McClaran
Deanne Miller
Melanie               Miller
Joyce     Mooney
Rick        Morris
Robin     Muster
Theresa O'Banion
Rennee O'Banion
David     Parks
Tim        Peterson
Roger    Powers
Greg      Price
Tim        Pritts
Debbie  Rector
Milo       Reinhardt
Debbie  Robinson
Barbara Russell
Melody Ruth
Tom       Schaffer
Tom       Sharp
Barb       Shawhan
Chester Shockney
Vicki       Small
Lecreta                Smith
Debra    Smith
Frank     Smith
Gene      Smith
Dave      Snyder
Donna   Sorrell
Tom       Southerland
Marcia  Strohbehn
Karen     Strohbehn
Sharon  Takeda
Dianna  Tobin
Margie  Turnpaugh
Judy       Vineyard
Steve     Wagner
Nancy    Weaver
Mary      Weinfurter
Gary       White
Dan        Williams
Leanne  Willis
Barry     Wilson
Rob        Wilson
Debra    Woodard
Kathy     Woodring
Ron        Woodward
Terry      Workman
Greg      Wright
Steve     Young
Julia (Eaton)        Zehner