I thought that everyone might be interested in seeing a brief recap of the reunion weekend.    So here it is (as I remember it)

We began assembling at Scotty's at 7:00 PM on Friday night.    First time reunion attenders, Richard Lewis and Steve Lawless were the first to arrive.  From then on,  members of the Haworth Class of 73 steadily streamed in throughout the night.  Debbie Laughner, Julie Case and Melody Staton arrived shortly thereafter.  

It seemed that initially everone was so busy meeting and greeting old friends ,that no one even took the time to sit down.   

Perhaps because our memories have dimmed just a little bit or perhaps because some of us have slightly changed in appearance, most classmates had a little bit of difficulty recognizing their old friends at first.   (How many times did you discreetly point to someone across the room and ask "Who is that over there in the blue shirt??")

I will try to list the many classmates who were there on Friday night, but if I have left someone out, please send me a note and I will make the necessary corrections.  See if any of these names sound familiar to you::

Al Sullivan;  Gary Trent;  Tim Gentry;  Cindy Duncan;  Cathy Morrow;  Renee Glass;  Virginia Root;  Susan Beatty;  Jane Schroeder;  Hank Huffman;  Jeff Zollman;  Brenda Hoel;  Connie Parr;  Jeff Wenisch;  Theresa Cooper;  Janet Clelland;  Rich Fields;  Bill Zilligen;  Dave Hughes;  Tom Henricks;  Ron Henderson;  Theresa Lerche;  Marianne Hillis;  Jeff Plough;  Jeff Ladow;  Cindy Baxter;  Wanda Lay;  Dan Cage;  Don Cloum;  Eric Smeltzer;  Bob Chavaux;  Vickie Jenkins;  Cathy Roberts;  Steve Suter;  Dave Kellar;  Richard Lewis;  Steve Lawless;  Debbie Laughner;  Melody Staton;  Jule Case.  

As Huskies from the Class of 73, with their spouses and friends,  filled the establishment, the Karaoke music began.  Many demonstrated both their singing and dancing talents.  

The warmth, friendship, laughter and sharing of the evening was enjoyed by all who were in attendance. 

And as many of you know, our classmate J.D. Scwalm, joined us in a very special way for our reunion activities.  

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