1) Who was the assistant principal at HHS in 73.
Harold Canady
Don Holihan
Joan Holman
Doyle Yonce
2) The Class of 73 designed a float for the Homecoming parade during our Senior Year. What was featured on this float?
A Huskie
A football helmet
A case of Stroh's Beer
A dead Kat

3) What were the Haworth school colors
Old Gold and Black
Red and Blue
Cream and Crimson
Blue and Gold
4) The rock song "Mississippi Queen" opened with the beat of a cowbell. Who recorded this song?
REO Speedwagon
Alice Cooper

5) You probably all remember that we played home basketball games at Memorial Gym. Do you remember the name of the place where home Football games were played?
Walter Cross Field
Kautz Field
Kokomo Football Stadium
Highland Park