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The Sammy Terry Show
I am not sure what the name of the program was but I think it was the Sammy Terry Show .... or at least that is where we got most of our ideas. Kevin Butcher and Greg Noland were the MC's ..... we...
Last Post: Sep 28th 2008
Author: jsmallusps
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Maplecrest Middle School
Remember when the Principal of Maple Crest, Mr Frederich, stopped every boy from wearing patent leather shoes? He said that we were looking at the reflection in our shoes to look up girls' skirts....
Last Post: Aug 25th 2008
Author: jsmallusps
# of posts: 7
Ok, i will break the ice
Ok, lets some of you join this message board's no fun being a loner on here.

Let me throw this out at the risk of getting some hate mail back....I went to Maple Crest which...
Last Post: Aug 16th 2008
Author: Kokomokid55
# of posts: 9
Haworth vs. Kokomo
I don't know how many of you remember, but our freshman class was the very 1st class to defeat Kokomo High in football. I am not sure about this, but we MAY have been the first class to defeat Kokomo...
Last Post: Aug 8th 2008
Author: jsmallusps
# of posts: 1