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Melody Melody Staton (Graves)
Dept. Mgr. Marsh Supermarket Married 2
Hey everybody this website is great!  I love reading everyone's commits and about their lives since graduation. I started working at Marsh Supermarket my senior year as a cashier then moved up to General Merchandise Manager after a year and have been there now for 36 years.  I am married to Nick Graves (graduated from Western in 1974) and works for Delphi as an engineer.  We have two children Julia 25 yrs old graduated from IUK and working for a medical company and married to James Marczika a marine and stationed in San Clemente , California and going to Afganistan in September.  We have a son John 21 years old.  Just graduated from IUK and going to IUPUI in the fall and working towards Medical School to be a doctor. 
       The reunion was great!  I had so much fun!  So many memories!  I had forgotten all the fun I had.  It's too bad I was so shy.  If I had it to do over again I would have been in alot of activities.  I'll also miss Al Sullivan.  I'm so glad he came and helped out with the plans of the last reunion.  I heard so many hilarious stories of our haworth years and wish I would have known so many of you better.  Until  the next party...
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Jeff Smalling
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Postmaster Married 2
The old looking guy is me ... !!!
Sherrie is my wife and best friend of 32 years. I've been reading everyones "bios" and it is amazing how many people live in Tennessee! I lived in Maryville, TN for 3 years, then in Knoxville for 17, now I live in Greeneville, TN. I started at the POst Office right after graduation. Quit and went to college and then seminary for 3 years. Was reinstated into the US Postal Service in Knoxville of 1988.
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Margo Gearheart (Trowbridge)
Divorced 1
Married for 29 years, I'm now awkwardly single and living in Orange County (yes, that Orange County) California.  Don't believe what you see on TV.
Anyway, I've lived in 5 states over the years as the "corporate wife" and now my daughter (22) and I find ourselves in this little paradise with our 2 golden retrievers.
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Jim Downhour
Retired Married
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David Kellar
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Retired Law Enforcement Married 2
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Eric Smeltzer
DirecTV Satellite Dealer Married 2
I can't believe thirty-five years have passed already.  Seems like only yesterday we were tooling around in my dad's station wagon causing trouble.  Linda and I are still a fine pair.  We have two great sons.  Ian is twenty-eight and living in Denver.  Andrew is twenty-four living in Washington DC.  We moved to the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia almost thirty years ago.  Linda is following her life's work as a chiropractor.  I have been a DirecTV satellite dealer for the past fifteen years.   Linda and I looking forward to seeing all of you. 
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Jane Schroeder (Fague)
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Wife, Mother & Grandmother Married 4
       OK...I didn't "officially" graduate from  Haworth parents moved to Tipton my sophomore year but I did go thru grade school, middle school  and part of high school with the class.....Great reunion weekend ... here I am with my two best friends ....Susan Beatty O'Banion and Virginia Root Boshears !!! Send Jane a MessageSend Jane a Message
Julie Case (Berg)
Administrative Assistant Married 1
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Judy Cook (Harris) associate Married 2
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Fred Giles
Divorced 3
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