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Terry Butler (Jensen)
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Profile picture
Temp Service/Receptionist Married 2
I work off and on for a Temp Service as a Receptionist. Other than that Im a homemaker.
I married Thomas Jensen. We have 2 girls and 5 Grandchildren. 3-Granddaughters and 2 Grandsons.
Moved to Texas 20 years ago, been here ever since
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Julie Brennan (McCool)
Third Grade Teacher Married 3
I'm sorry I couldn't be there this time - thank you to everyone for posting pictures! Send Julie a MessageSend Julie a Message
Brian Barnhorst
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Attorney Married 5
Greetings from sunny San Diego.  As you can see from the picture below, you can take the boy out of The Hoosier State, but you can't take the Hoosier out of the boy.  Thanks to Hank Huffman and others for keeping me in the loop.  Sorry I couldn't be there for the reunion, but then I never went to Haworth in the first place so I was honored just to be invited.  I have seen a lot of familiar names on the site.  Special greetings to all of you.  I'd love to hear from you.  Really sad to see Ann Kremers's name on the "In Memoriam" page.  My first love . . . .  Send Brian a MessageSend Brian a Message
Marianne Hillis
Single 2
Many thanks to the Kellars and Gentrys (and everyone else responsible) for keeping these reunions coming! I am looking forward to seeing everyone! Send Marianne a MessageSend Marianne a Message
steve baker
home medical equipment Married 2
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Mark Dripps
Architectural Millwor Design & Sales Married 2
It's been fun to watch the list of names grow on this site. Great job with the website. I just had my 30th wedding anniversary, have two very fine grown sons & a grandson who (for better or worse) looks just like his grandad. 
One other thing.....Does it bather anyone else that when you drive by Haworth taht the football stadium is Red & Blue?
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Joyce Campbell (Dreesen)
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Marketing Director Married 2
I've been working in Indianapolis since graduation from IU.  My husband, Tom, and I are involved in the arts, gardening and working on our  75-year-old home in beautiful Butler Tarkington.  I have 2 step-sons and 5 grandchildren.   Would be great to have a mini-reunion in Indianapolis!  Send Joyce a MessageSend Joyce a Message
tom lowdermilk
dumpster diver Single 1
 In case any of you ever wondered who was or what happened to the person who graduated 394 out of 396 of the class of 73 I am alive living in Orlando, Florida with a pillow case full of maladies that can be cured by modern medicine, but no doubt I would miss them terribly. 
  Blessed being born a dead ringer for Rosie O'donnel   ME I have been gainfully employed as a celebrity like alike for the last several years, along with the generous stipend the State of Alabama sends me for not being a sperm donor I have managed to stumble thru life.
  After 5 continents and 27 countries Jane, Virginia, and Susan the group hug I missed at the reunion would rank right up there with that night in Manilla................ never mind those girls were sisters totally a different story.
  A special thanks to Dave Kellar dang bro without you I would have been the only senior in junior English.
  Does this thing have spell check?
  I was married briefly while younger ironically and tragically both wives had terrible taste in men.
  Richard Lewis forgot the part how we went for beers after that meeting on the pier at Cannes France and the working girl (she wasn't bussing tables) broke his glasses LOL. True story. We weren't customers hell we were only making a buck fiddy a month at the time I think, could barely afford a beer.
  Hey numbers 395 & 96 what are you fellow dummies up too?  Hope you both are doing well, we should get together sometime to talk over old failures.
  Jimi Noland gave his ph#  that's freeg'n nutz   lol wonder if he is one of the two?  (good talking to you again amigo and thanx for taking the collect call)
   Hey if you don't mind that I will openly flirt with your wife, girlfriend, mom, aunt or sister, drink every drop of booze in the house, smoke up your kid's stash then pass out on the couch, go online buy me a gift certificate on Greyhound it's only $49.95 I'll be there straight away. It'll be the best 6 months of our lives.
  One other thing from a navy vet, everyday make it a point to think a good thought for our men and women in the armed services.
  Live a life that expresses goodness and kindness to others and you will without a doubt will reap rewards ten fold. 
  I still ride motorcycles even have a radio program broadcast over the net with listeners around the globe.  Currently in the planning stages of a multi year solo ride around the world. if you like email me @   Giddy Up
p.s. sounds like if everyone who was at the reunion would chip in a buck i could take the bus to the next one..................see you there
Tami Johnson (Reeder)
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Admin. Asst. Married 3
Moved to Texas in 1995 to marry my husband Jeff, (we met on an airplane).  I have 3 kids, Matt is in Denver, Chase is here in Houston and my daughter Alessandra is a sophomore at Texas State in San Marcos, TX.  No grand children, I'm not old enough yet!!!  My husband and I travel. Cruise ships seem to be our mode of transportation most recently. I work part-time to keep myself busy.  This website is great!!  What a fun way to see what everyone is up to!! Send Tami a MessageSend Tami a Message
Janet Clelland (Hurlock)
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Manager Married 6

Didn't attend the reunion but went to Scotty's the night before with my husband, Theresa Cooper and met up with Brenda Hoel. We drank, danced &  partied pretty much the same as we did 35 years ago! Some things never change but 35 years does take a toll on our youthfullness. (Most of us anyway) Stayed in Kokomo and my wonderful husband and I have been married for 20 years. (3rd time was a charm for me) Together we have 6 children (2 bio and 4 step) 17 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild. Have talked to Cindy Silvey and hooked up with Elaine Schrader and she has invited us to her home to have a slumber party. Can't wait. Hope this finds everyone well and it would be wonderful to see a whole lot more of you next time!

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