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Sandy Swaim (Lawson)
Married 2
Wow! 35 years! Sometimes it seems like yesterday. I have many fond memories of my years at Haworth and wish I could attend this year. A little about myself....Brad, my fantastic husband and I have been married for 31 years and have 2 grown children plus 1 grandson who is the light of my life. Best wishes to all of you! Warmly, Sandy Send Sandy a MessageSend Sandy a Message
Cynthia (Cyndi) Baxter (Gordon)
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Professional Photographer Divorced 2
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Lynn Taflinger (McClung)
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Self Employed Married 4

A big Haworth Hi to all!  Sorry, but we are not able to attend this year's reunion.  (We are already booked with a family reunion at Cedar Point on what seems to be the hottest weekend of the summer!)  Can't wait to see the pictures!  

Here's a photo of Tom and I and the four kids.   Finally have them all out of high school and now all four are back in college!  (Yikes!) Alot can happen in 35 years....!!!

Have a great time!


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Elaine Schrader (Lindemann)
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Artist/Longcoat Chihuahua breeder Married 5
Hi to all.  Wish I could be there to celebrate, but had prior commitment in Chicago.  Finally graduated my last one from high school last spring and he's headed to IU in the fall.  Yahoo!  I spend most of my time making art and making puppies.  I graduated from Herron School of Art.  I'm blessed to have three darling granddaughters that live nearby.  Brad has owned his own IT business for almost 20 years now, and would you believe it, we spent almost 6 years in Memphis.  What is it with this class and Tennessee?  Blessings to all and have a great time, I'll see you at our 50th! Scanner broken, so couldn't upload then photo.  Now photo is me with my 4th oldest Caleb. Send Elaine  a MessageSend Elaine a Message
Pam Tappan (Prather)
business mgr for Tom's dental practice Married 2
Tom and I have been married for 33 years and we have two grown children.  Our daughter Christie is almost 27, newly married last September and lives in Noblesville.  She got a Doctor of Physical Therapy from the University of Indianapolis in May of 2007 and married Gene Geisz in September.  Gene is a chemical engineer for PPG in the aeronautics division.
Blake is our son.  He is 23 and just starting his second year of dental school at IU School of Dentistry.  He has a girl friend right now who is in her second year of veterinary school at UC Davis.  
Tom and I built a house after the kids went to college and for the first time we live in the "county". 
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Paul Johnson
Teacher Married 4
Graduated from Concordia University Chicago in 1977.   Graduated from University of Evansville with a Master of Music Education degree.  Currently the director of Music at Lutheran High School Indianapolis.  Retired from coaching basketball at the JV level after we made it to the state championship game at Conseco Fieldhouse last March.  Probably the only band director in the state who also coached BB.  Currently the Varsity golf coach.  I continue to play trombone professionally in a group named "Serenade" in Indianapolis.  Three of my four daughters are also teachers like my wife Pamela.  Love the Green Bay Packers!!!!!!!!! Send Paul a MessageSend Paul a Message
Jeff Plough
Respiratory Care Manager Married 5
35 years! We've been in Kokomo all that time. I've worked at St. Joe, Howard and now am at Clarian North Medical Center in Carmel. I've been blessed with a wonderful wife and kids. It is great to see what everyone's been up to and look forward to seeing everyone again! Send Jeff a MessageSend Jeff a Message
Sheila Muldoon
General Motors Information Security Single
Hi everyone.... wish I could attend the reunion but I have a conflict.
Since graduating from Haworth in '73 and then Purdue in '77, I was at Delco Electronics for 20 years in various locations and then transferred to GM in Detoit in 1997.  In September 2008, I will have 31 years total with GM.  I've had assignments in Sales, Marketing, Business Seminars, Human Resourses, Recruiting, Summer Student Programs, Patents and Product Liability, Advanced Development Administration, Information Technology and finally Information Security over the years. 

I am still single (darn) never been married and do not have any kids but I sure have been able to travel a lot on the job and during my vacations. 
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Gary Williams
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Purdue University Administrator Married 2

Worked at A&P Grocery 13 years, through H.S., College + 7 years more.  Went down with the ship in 1984.  Lived in TX for 6 mo.  Didn't like it moved back to Indiana.  Worked at Bank One for 11 years.  I have been an administrator at Purdue for 13 years thus far.  Stayed a bachelor until 33.  Married a wonderful woman.  Have two step-children and 5 grandchildren.  Looking forward to seeing everyone in August.

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jimi noland
any Married
 wow ...a...I wrote everything in the guest book because there were too many boxes to fill in! are we not "guests" anyway?   I can't find a picture....check the Post Office. Send jimi a MessageSend jimi a Message
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