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Dave Hughes
engineer Married 2
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Joni Stitt (Jackson )
Homemaker/Caregiver Married 2
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Bill Ingrum
District Manager - Subway Stores Married 3

Hello everyone!  I am looking forward to visiting at the reunion.  I'm staying busy with "Subway", Volunteer Fire Department, etc.  Also trying to keep up with my 15 year old daughters' softball, volleyball, and of course training her to drive.....its a blast!

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Kathy Long (Amato)
Director of Premium Seating for Purdue University Married 2
Hi to everyone-wow 35 years! I would love to come to the reunion but I am going through chemo for non-hodgkins lymphoma, and the reunion is the week I have treatment, so I won't be able too. I have been married 30 years, I have one stepson and two grandchildren. I have a daughter who just got married this summer. I work for the athletic department at Purdue University-love my job I am very involved with the football program. I was a buyer for JCPenneys for 23 years, and have been with Purdue 10 years.My mom died a year ago, I miss her very much, and now I don't get to Kokomo as often. Take care everyone! Send Kathy a MessageSend Kathy a Message
Daniel Cage
retired Married
I never have been to a class reunion. Didn't actually go to school that much either. This website has brought back some good memories of some good people for me. Not sure about the reunion ibut probably will go to Scotties the night before. Oh yeah! I'm still recovering from the picture. What a class motto. I was thrilled to get a letter from Dave and Jan. I couldn't convince anyone it happened. Send Daniel a MessageSend Daniel a Message
Alra Sullivan
Retired Married 4
Hi! most of you would'nt remember me. because I was'nt very outstanding or interesting!! But here it is anyway.  I got married right out of High School, tried restaurant work for a short while, that was'nt going to support a family so I started at a factory in Indianapolis! that is where I honed my skills. In 1981 I started a business, that specialised the repair of cryogenic heat exchangers, to make a long story short I was A traveling welder! I traveled all over the world and after a very long 25 years I sold my business and retired in southern Indiana!  and that is where I live today. I have been maried three times and had four children, and two wonderful grand children!!
                            Al Sullivan
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Bec Hawkins (Smith)
kindergarten teacher Married 2
Married 34 years to Rick Smith, the HHS Social Studies teacher/JV b-ball coach.  We have two daughters and four grandchildren.  I teach kindergarten in beautiful downtown Floyds Knobs, IN!  Rick has retired from teaching/coaching and is now a painting contractor for Louisville and southern IN area. Send Bec a MessageSend Bec a Message
Shelly Stevens (Hampton)
Profile picture
Child Advocate Married 2
Hello to all my fellow Huskies,

I am disappointed that I won't be able to make the reunion.  I will miss all of your wonderful faces and the laughter! I love the song choice for the website...good times! I have heard from a few of you as a result of this website. Thanks to all of you who worked so hard to make this reunion a success. I am hoping that someone posts some photos from all of the events. Photo from my husband's Christmas Party 12/07. We have two daughers, Emily starts high school this year and Olivia will be in the 8th grade. After graduating from IU, I worked in the criminal justice field. Now I advocate for abused and neglected kids. I think I have long last found my calling. The very best to all of you!
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Brenda Hoel (Harness)
Nurse Married 4

Hi everybody! I am really looking forward to Friday and Saturday.  I can't believe it has been 35 years!  

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Richard Lewis
Insurance Agent Married 1

After the Marines, completed technical school in Charleston, SC..then completed Bachelor's at Winthrop College (now Univ) in South Carolina....Lived in the south about 20 yrs. In '96 relocated back to Indiana....Wife, Christine and daughter,  Savannah. 

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