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Rick Walker
Retired Chrysler Corp. Married 1
I have been retired from Chrysler for a little over 1 year now. Have 4 grandsons, oldest is 12,twins 9, & youngest is 8. Send Rick a MessageSend Rick a Message
Martha Roberts (Koon)
System Administrator Divorced 6
Moved to Florida for 6 years and then to Arkansas for 7 years.  Have been back in Kokomo for the past 21 years. Send Martha a MessageSend Martha a Message
Kim Drake
Pastor Married 2
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Virginia Root (Boshears)
Exec. Admin. Assistant Married 2
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Renee Glass (Walden)
Profile picture
Sr Administrative Assistant Married 2
I moved to Indianapolis in 1978, during the blizzard.  I started working for Eli Lilly and Company in June of that year.  I just celebrated my 30th year with Lilly.  I have two sons, one step son and two grandsons.  We live in Speedway near the track, plan to retire in the next 3-6 years and possibly move south to Tennessee or Alabama. Send Renee a MessageSend Renee a Message
Randy Hunt
Pilot Married 3
I married my high school sweatheart. Went to Vincennes University. Started flying airplanes in 1974 and made a career out of a hobby. Flying all over the world for the Whirlpool Corp. Send Randy a MessageSend Randy a Message
Vickie Jenkins (Washam)
Miniaturist/ Artist Married 3
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Brenda Hoel (Harness)
Nurse Married 4

Hi everybody! I am really looking forward to Friday and Saturday.  I can't believe it has been 35 years!  

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Marilyn George (Runkle)
Office Manager Married 1
35 YEARS!!!  Can't believe it...surely I'm not that old!!! Send Marilyn a MessageSend Marilyn a Message
Richard Lewis
Insurance Agent Married 1

After the Marines, completed technical school in Charleston, SC..then completed Bachelor's at Winthrop College (now Univ) in South Carolina....Lived in the south about 20 yrs. In '96 relocated back to Indiana....Wife, Christine and daughter,  Savannah. 

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