Do you recognize this song??  Do  you remember the words well enough that you can sing along???  Well, let's hear it!



Welcome friends from the Haworth High School Class of 1973.    Glad to see you are still visiting our website.



Unfortunately, I have to report that we have lost two more classmates.  Jon Binder passed away on July 12, 2015 in Greentown, IN.  Robin Muster passed away on July 15, 2015.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to their families and friends. 


This would be a great time to check your sign up information to make sure we have your current address.  If you have not yet registered, please do so now.  If you know of any classmates who have not yet registered, please ask them to register and join us.


Please take a look at our Where are You page as well as the In Memoriam page. 


If you know anything about our missing classmates, please send us a message.  If you are in contact with any of our missing classmates, please ask them to register here.    If you see someone missing from our In Memoriam page, please let us know about that as well.  If you have a link to their obituary, send that information and we will get that posted as well.  If you are already registered on this site, be sure to keep your contact information current.  You can update your information by clicking the edit button and entering the login ID and password you used to create the account.  If you don't remember those (I know I didn't) then the site can email the information to you.  If all else fails, send an email to Jan Kellar through this site and we will figure out a way to update your information.

If you address or your name has changed, please update your information and send an email to Jan Kellar through this site so we can update our list of classmates.

Someplace out there, an old classmate is wondering about you and hoping to get in touch with you.    

It would be great if we could locate every member of the Haworth High School Class of 73.   

If you are new to the site, Please sign on the classmates page so we can build the class list.  It would be really nice to be able to contact every single class member for our next reunion.  But to do that we need your help.  Blog on the message board.  Tell us a little bit about you and what you are doing.  View the photos, remember those in Memoriam.  Invite other classmates to use the web site.  

Many of you are on Facebook.  We also have a group on Facebook called Haworth High School Class of 1973.  Please join us there as well.  If you are friends with a classmate on Facebook who has not registered on our website, please encourage them to do so.  Send us a message with any suggestions you have for improvements to the Web site.  We really want to hear from all of you!

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